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Aable Johns hazardous tree and storm damage experts.  Tree services for north fulton, cobb and cherokee counties, including alpharetta roswell

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Aable John's Stump Grinding Services


Stump Grinding Services in Acworth, Kennesaw, Marietta, Austell, Powder Springs, Smyrna, Alpharetta, Milton, Sandy Springs and Roswell


Tree stump grinding, stump removal, and tree root removal are services for which Aable John's Tree Service is well equipped. Our team is skilled and experienced in stump removal, one of the most common requests we receive. Stump Grinding Services for Acworth, Kennesaw, Austell, Powder Springs, Smyrna, Alpharetta, Milton, Sandy Springs and RoswellOur modern stump grinding equipment ensures complete and utter stump removal, well below the ground, so that future plantings can be made in that same area. The old tree will not grow back.


Aable John Tree Service's state-of-the-art tree stump grinding equipment makes quick work of Atlanta-area stump removal projects. Using our various stump grinders, we can access even the most awkwardly-located stumps. We grind most stumps to chips, mulch, and sawdust, and if instructed, we will be happy to remove the stump grinding remnants/leftovers as well as supply and spread topsoil if you would like. We can quickly and safely remove stumps large and small, old and new, as well as bothersome roots of all shapes and sizes.


All resulting grinding materials are removed entirely from the property and desposed accordingly, unless you would like to keep the resulting wood chips and such to use as mulch or compost.


Stump Grinding FAQs


What is a stump grinder?

A stump grinder is a machine designed for the sole purpose of removing tree stumps, such as after a tree has fallen or been cut down.


How does a stump grinder work?

A stump grinder works by tearing the stump apart with powerful rotating teeth (which are very strong, made out of steel and tipped with tungsten carbide), or sometimes what looks like a giant chainsaw.


Will the stump ever grow again?

No, the stump will never grow again because the stump is removed in its entirety, preventing any further growth.


Will the tree stump need poisoning?

No poison or other environmentally harmful substance is required; as the core of the stump is completely destroyed.


What is left behind once the stump has been removed?

Chippings/Mulch is left behind which is easily disposed of e.g.: organic compost, border chippings or removed from the site.


How do I measure a tree stump for you to give me a quote?

Measure the widest part of the stump, usually at absolute ground level where it is the thickest.


What is the minimum width needed for access for grinding machine?

If we can walk through an area, we should be able to maneuver our machines through as well.


Stump Grinding Links

If you are searching on the web for 'stump grinding' you might find the following links to be helpful in the removal of stumps:


About Landscaping: Stump Grinding


About Landscaping [Tree Stump Removal | Stump Grinders | Removing Tree Stumps]

Alternatives to using grinders for tree stump removal explored. Tree stump removal can be accomplished manually with mattocks or by applying nitrogen and... Excerpt :: "A tree has been felled and its wood removed, but the rest still sits there, firmly rooted in the ground. What you need now is a tree stump removal strategy. What’s the best way to perform tree stump removal? Stump grinders can be rented but are expensive. Manual tree stump removal is cheap but has the drawback of being labor-intensive. Instead, I will focus on another cheap alternative that is also easy. But be forewarned: this tree stump removal method requires some patience."


Hiring Certified Arborists, Tree Stump Grinding Services


Tree Stump Removal [Stump Grinding | Certified Arborists | Tree Pruning by Arborists]

Hiring certified arborists for tree pruning or other service professionals, including for stump grinding (picture of device for stump grinding included)... Excerpt :: "The consumer's need to hire certified arborists or tree services spans the whole spectrum from dire necessity to desirable choice. If you have a large tree limb hanging over your house, you may have little choice but to hire a tree service to remove it safely. At the other end of the spectrum, to raise or protect your property value, you may choose to pay certified arborists to put their artistic flare and scientific knowledge to work in pruning your prized trees. Arborists must be thoroughly versed in the field of arboriculture in order to become certified. Or perhaps an old stump is consuming valuable space on your property. You can opt to have it removed through a process known as 'stump grinding.' A machine called a 'stump grinder' is used for stump grinding."


Stump Grinding, According to Tree Tech


Tree Tech Consulting [Technical Reports - Tree Stump Removal]

Stump grinding machines generally operate with a large flywheel equipped with cutting teeth. The operator moves the cutter head over the stump, grinding it...Excerpt :: "Once a tree is cut down and removed, the question of what to do with the stump arises.. The objective of the stump removal should first be clearly defined. The use of the area after stump removal needs to be assessed, since it may determine the extent of removal operations."


Do-It-Yourself Tree Stump Grinding


Popular Mechanics on Tree Stump Grinding

Excerpt :: "Landscapers charge according to the size of the stump. Expect to pay between $90 and $150 to have a 24-in.-dia. stump removed. You can rent a gas-powered stump grinder for about $100 to $190 per day, depending on the size of the machine. Therefore, if you only have to remove a stump or two, you'd be better off hiring a pro. However, if you have more than two stumps or plan to share the rental expense with a neighbor, renting is definitely the more economical way to go. Make certain the rental dealer explains the controls and shows you how to safely operate the machine. Never use a stump grinder without wearing eye and hearing protection."


Do-It-Yourself Tree Stump Grinding [Do-It-Yourself Tree Stump Grinding]

Excerpt :: "When you hire a tree service or landscaping company to cut down trees on your property, the contract price seldom includes removing the stumps. That unenviable task is typically left to the homeowner. But have you ever tried to dig out a tree stump? I have, once. Worked at it for an entire day using an ax, shovel, hoe, pick and chain saw. Ended up with a hole about the size of a Buick, and still couldn't get the stump out."


Stump Removal Options for the Homeowner


Removing Stumps A stump grinder's specially designed teeth spinning at great speed will ... Ryan's Jon Schoeberl (pictured) says, "I look at stump grinding as a way... Excerpt :: "Homeowners who have had a tree cut down on their property often find themselves with the left behind tree stump to contend with. Stumps left behind from tree cutting can be variously described as unsightly, taking up valuable gardening space, and even hazardous. There are various ways to deal with tree stumps depending on how quickly you want the stump removed."

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